Easy Action (Detroit, Rock)

Easy Action (Detroit, Rock)
Montag | 12. März 2018 | 21:00 Uhr

From the streets of the Motor City, EASY ACTION carry on the fine tradition of Detroit Rock, infusing it with a raw punk edge. For those unfamiliar, EASY ACTION is fronted by John Brannon, former vocalist for the highly regarded LAUGHING HYENAS and of early 80’s hardcore legends NEGATIVE APPROACH. On bass is Ron Sakowski, another Detroit punk veteran, bringing his experiences from THE NECROS and the LAUGHING HYENAS to the band. Guitarist Harold Richardson is best known for his experiments with the noise rock band GRAVITAR . After two sold-out singles and many packed shows, EASY ACTION hooked up with producer Al Sutton (DETROIT COBRAS, LAUGHING HYENAS, KID ROCK) at Rust Belt Studios to unleash this self titled debut LP, a scathing rock testimonial, stripped of pretense and vanity, honest and in your face!

„…As for the music, it has a strong scent of grunge blended with stoner rock. Think of Nirvana meeting Monster Magnet and you’ll get the picture. It is all served in a hardcore package that surprisingly (again) manages to maintain a melodic edge.

But that’s not all. There are some more surprises thrown in as well, with a drifting into Krautrock…“



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